It’s been an honour for our Scientific Machine Learning team (Luca Bottero, Valerio Pagliarino, Simone Azeglio, Francesco Calisto) to give a lighting talk at JuliaCon 2021. It is about a real world test of the Julia #SciML ecosystem, using #NeuralPDE.jl in particular.
You can take a look at it on the Julia Programming Language Youtube channel: .

We would like to thank HPC4AI, Chris Rackauckas, Università degli Studi di Torino, Luca Peyron for their valued help.

#ai #machinelearning #pinns

The Scientific Machine Learning team from MLJC will present their work on Physics Informed Neural Networks applied to modelization of the level-set equation for applications in environmental physics to the 2021 edition of JuliaCon, which will take place from 28th to 30th of July. Their work has been accepted as a lightning talk, so it will consist in a ten minute presentation. They are looking forward to submitting the paper to the JuliaCon proceedings as well. We will add the link to the talk as soon as it is released.

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