Welcome to the MLJConnect project!
The aim of this group is to share opportunities and personal experiences about PhDs, masters and internships in Italy and especially abroad. 

Together with the MLJC community, its members are growing as well and, with them, their experiences. Since one of the funding principles of the MLJC is sharing, we thought that we can share experiences besides technical knowledge. Lots of our members are now doing their PhDs and masters across the world, but for some of them it has not been so easy to find such an opportunity. Especially when you want to jump into another field or to do something external from your university, it can not be so straightforward.. Indeed sometimes you have to build your opportunity! And that is why we created the MLJConnect project! We do not have the presumption to be the key (even if it would make us feel very proud of our intentions), but just to be that reference or that experience you need to listen to feel a bit less alone and, why not, encouraged!

If you are wondering:

– How to apply to universities abroad?
– How does it work to do your thesis abroad?
– How can i improve my cv in order to apply for a phd?
– How can i move from a bachelor’s degree in italy to a master’s degree at a foreign university?
– What are the possibilities for a phd in italy?
– What if I feel I have no contacts in the professional world?

Then, the MLJConnect project is for you! 

Join our telegram channel to share your experience and discover about possible opportunities abroad: https://t.me/+AjYoIGCih3gwOTY8 or contact the referents of the project to be subscribed to our newsletter with possible offers!

Referents: Micol Olocco (Technische Universität Dortmund, micol.olocco@cern.ch), Arianna Di Bernardo (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, arianna.di.bernardo@ens.psl.eu)