We are a group of students from the University of Turin and the Polytechnic University of Turin, mostly from a STEM background. 

We are passionate about machine learning and artificial intelligence, thus we created a community where to share our geeky ideas and our expertise. We are actively engaged in research projects with a broad, interdisciplinary focus and participating in hackathons / competitions related to AI.

If you’re interested in taking part in any way in our research projects or learning activities, feel free to drop us an email.

What we do

The aim of our association is to promote hands-on knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence across the academic and civic landscape of Turin.

We believe interdisciplinarity and cross-contamination can be the key to new discoveries and fruitful, engaging ideas.

We try to innovate learning and research paradigms with a focus on self-organization and peer-learning / peer-reviewing, ultimately producing industry-grade science.

In order to promote machine learning literacy we jump-started a wide set of projects, on various premises and online:

  • We took over the University of Turin after-hours, delivering free-for-all courses on Python for machine learning
  • We engaged our more experienced members in open and horizontal research projects on natural language processing, theoretical machine learning and medical machine learning
  • We encouraged and financed the participation of our members to hackathons and competitions
  • We published divulgatory articles on machine learning techniques and hot topics

Our Story

We started our first activities as a little group of students from the M.Sc. in Physics of Complex Systems at the University of Turin.
We were curious about emergent possibilities stemming from Data Mining, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: that’s why we started experimenting with real-world projects and participating in some Kaggle competitions we were passionate about (for example, we took part in the Deep Fake Detection Challenge).

Going forward, we decided to open our group to students from different backgrounds: in order to build some common knowledge, we started organizing extra-curricular lessons and activities, covering Python applied to machine learning (you can find the course material here).

As we meet and engage with new people from all walks of science, our community grows large and diverse: we are proud to count members from computer science, engineering, mathematics, biology, economics and neuropsychology to name a few.

We meet regularly (online or in person), to work and organize projects related to Machine Learning and its applications. You can find more information about our projects here.