Welcome to the Medical AI group of the Machine Learning Journal Club!
As Artificial Intelligence pervades every branch of science, Medicine and Healthcare are widely affected. Here at the MLJC we believe AI can aid people and doctors in many ways.
We decided to start the Medical AI project to contribute to the healthcare revolution in our own way.

We are currently pursuing two research paths:

– Brain Computer Interface (BCI). It is our current focus We would like to make a real contribution to the neurotech world heading toward the Annual BCI Award.
– Bio-Medical Imaging.
Simultaneously to those two paths, other events, competitions, and collaborations in the medical field will be carried on. We’re always open to new points of view and ideas.

Even if not closely related, these two paths share both common techniques and methods from different area of science such as digital signal processing (fMRI, EEG, video, audio, images, etc.), time series theory, computer vision and machine learning; techniques that will be explored throughout the project.

Latest updates

You can find the latest technical updates on our BCI projects in the news section.



Our 2021 activities will be organized as follow:

With the first step, we’ll approach the BCI world, trying to get acquainted with this topic that might be familiar to some and totally new to others. If you are in the second category don’t worry! We’ve selected lessons and tutorials that will help everyone to be on the same page.
Our goal is to build a collaborative learning path and make progress together, in order to discuss, with the whole group, any doubts. We want it to become an occasion for sharing knowledge, new researches, and possibly, ideas about future projects. We’ll try our best so no one will be left behind and everyone could discuss and participate at the same level.

The second step will be participating, all together, in the BCI and Neurotechnology Spring School.
At the end of it, we’ll also have the opportunity to test our preparation with the 2021 Br41n hackathon.
Once we’ve finished the course we will gather the ideas all together and get ready for the “final project”.

We are a multidisciplinary team formed by students of different backgrounds (from physicists to biomedical engineers and computer scientists), so we understand how time management and commitment is hard to match with extracurricular activities.
If you are curious about the project and you want to get involved just drop us a message.



In April 2021 MLJC co-hosted the BR41N.IO Hackathon on Brain Computer Interfaces and team “TOP-EcoG” was awarded of the first prize by the independent jury.

Participation at Neurotechnology Scientific Student Club – Neurohackathor 2021