On 23rd and 24th May 2021 the Medical AI and BCI team from Machine Learning Journal Club participated in the NeuroHackathor 2021, hosted by the Neurotechnology Scientific Student Club from Torùn, Poland.

NeuroHackathor 2021 is an international hackaton for studying engineers, programmists, cognitive scientists and others interested in neurotechnology and human daily living.

The hackathon has been held online, and the Machine Learning Journal Club brought 11 components in 2 teams. Both teams have been awarded with second and third place!


MLJC team-1 choosed the “Museum of the future” topic. The aim was the personalization of the museum visitors’ experiences using technology. In 24h they developed an idea for an hybrid BCI-NLP-CV system to adapt the picture caption reading using multiple bio-signals as EEG, eye tracking and galvanic skin response.

Arianna Di Bernardo
Flavio Sartori
Gabriele Penna
Letizia Pizzini
Pio Raffaele Fina
Pietro Sillano

Here you can watch their pitch presentation: 


MLJC team-2 choosed to work on the topic: “How to reduce the negative effects of pandemic isolation with neurotechnology?“. The main idea was to simulate the feeling of being in the nature, which is proven to be beneficial for depression, in a situation where a subject is forced in a closed space. They proposed a neurofeedback protocol and designed a minimalist & easy-to-use device, “The EGG”,  to perform the protocol.

Anjali Agarwal
Beatrice Villata
Enrico Sansone
Luca Pezzini
Marco Bottino
Micol Olocco
The EGG device

Here you can watch their presentation as well:

As every hackathon, it was an amazing intense experience but really fun, see you in the next one!

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