• New Machine Learning courses from the MLJC in A.Y. 2022-23
    An outstanding opportunity to learn Machine Learning with an “hands-on” approach and get in touch with the Machine Learning Journal Club association. Introduction to Machine Learning Language: Italian Corso articolato in 10 lezioni di circa 2h tenuto presso il Dipartimento di Fisica in orario 16-18.Dopo una prima introduzione al Machine Learning, il corso si focalizzerà sulla comprensione e l’implementazione di algoritmi in linguaggio Python, dai più semplici quali Linear e Logistic Regression […]
  • MLJC mentioned in TG Regione Piemonte
    On 7th January 2023, RAI TG Regione Piemonte mentioned the Machine Learning Journal Club, its activities and the future Centre for Artificial Intelligence that is expected to be hosted in Turin. https://www.rainews.it/tgr/piemonte/video/2023/01/fermo-al-palo-il-centro-per-lintelligenza-artificiale-f0c4f3cf-320c-462e-a5d5-2d0663710e49.html https://www.rainews.it/tgr/piemonte/notiziari/video/2023/01/TGR-Piemonte-del-07012023-ore-1930-165576ba-cdc6-4766-b5c0-27a1d9267e11.html
  • Report from NeurIPS 2022, New Orleans, LA (USA)
    Presentation at NeurIPS 2022, “Symmetries and Geometry in Neural Representations” Workshop (NeurReps) Workshop website | NeurIPS website Last week, some of our members went to New Orleans for the thirty-sixth Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, one of the biggest gatherings of machine learning researchers from all over the world. Having the chance to bring part of our association to NeurIPS 2022 was a great honour for us. We took part in […]
  • MLJC project in Geometric DL accepted at NeurIPS 2022, New Orleans (USA)
    We are delighted to announce that a group from MLJC including Luca Bottero, Francesco Calisto and Valerio Pagliarino will present their work at the world-leading conference NeurIPS 2022 (Neural Information Processing Systems) in the Neur-Reps (https://www.neurreps.org/) (Symmetries and Geometry in Neural Representations) workshop. The conference will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana (USA) from November, 27th to December 3rd. The project is inserted in the landscape of Geometric Deep Learning (GDL), a […]
  • Presentation of MLJC Projects for A.Y. 2022/23 10th November, Physics Dept. of the University of Turin
    The Machine Learning Journal Club is happy to invite you to the event “MLJC – Presentation of projects and activities for the Academic Year 2022-23“. MLJC members will present the key projects and activites currently under development and they will interact with students, researchers and AI enthusiasts for extending our network and opportunities to everyone that is interested in collaborating with us. A large number of highly interactive short talks will allow […]
  • Activity Report 2021 published
    The Machine Learning Journal Club is pleased to publish the Annual Activity Report 2021 where the most relevant scientific and outreach activity of the past year is presented. This report is a great occasion to thank the several people and institutions that contributed to our activities with their expertise, resources and support.
  • MLJC meets the Minister of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, dr Stephan Holthoff-Pförtner
    Questa mattina, 15 febbraio 2022, il Machine Learning Journal Club ha incontrato a Torino il ministro per gli Affari Federali, Europei e Internazionali della Renania settentrionale – Vestfalia Stephan dr Holthoff-Pförtner. All’incontro era presente anche il console generale a Milano dr Ingrid Jung. Il Ministro era a Torino per la firma di una Dichiarazione di Intenti per la collaborazione e lo sviluppo di relazioni amichevoli tra la Regione Piemonte e il Land […]