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Machine Learning Journal Club Partners

The MLJC has the possibility to develop ambitious projects in various fields thanks to the contribution of high-level partners, that firmly believe in our mission: spreading among students interest and technical knowledge in ML theory and applications beyond the University courses. The technology, the tools and the technical support provided is turned into a great impact on students education while at the same time allowing the production of advanced open source projects. Nevertheless, the MLJC collaborates with associations, institutions and companies for specific projects and case studies, always respecting our non-profit regulation.

If you are interested in becoming a partner of MLJC you can contact us at info(at)

First computing partner: HPC4AI – Computer Science Department – University of Turin

HPC4AI is the Turin’s High-Performance Centre for Artificial Intelligence (coord. Prof. Marco Aldinucci)

The first goal of HPC4AI is to establish a large and modern laboratory to co-design with industries and SMEs research and technology transfer projects. HPC4AI has been co-funded by Regione Piemonte via EU POR-FESR 2014-2020 with 4.5M€ and will ready for service at beginning of 2019.

HPC4AI@UNITO is a research infrastructure aiming at aims at designing, developing and operating experimental, innovative applications and services at the convergence between High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence. HPC4AI@UNITO is part of the federated cloud infrastructures organised in 4 data-centres funded with 4.5M€ by Piedmont Region, the University of Torino and the Polytechnic University of Torino under the INFRA-P 2018 call.

HPC4AI provides Machine Learning Journal Club with computing power, GPU-enabled virtual machines and cloud technology. MLJC deeply thanks HP4AI for their important contribution.

Resources for computing: Mollificio Astigiano

Mollificio Astigiano is leading designer and producer of custom springs for industry, precision mechanics and agricolture. Their philosophy joins state-of-art production using innovative technologies with a particular attention to the society.

Mollificio Astigiano provided MLJC with a workstation optimised for parallel computing in 2020.

Mollificio Astigiano srl

Operative support: Pompei Student Lab

Pompei Student Lab is an initiative of Don Luca Peyron that gives to young people spaces and resources for studying and for other positive acitivities. Pompei Student Lab provided MLJC with spaces for co-working and with a mentorship.