Medical AI and BCI

Welcome to the Medical AI group of the Machine Learning Journal Club!
As Artificial Intelligence pervades every branch of science, Medicine and Healthcare are widely affected. Here at the MLJC we believe AI can aid people and doctors in many ways.
We decided to start the Medical AI project to contribute to the healthcare revolution in our own way.

NLP and Social Sciences

Welcome to the NLP and Social Sciences group! The aim of this group is to train participants on the most recent techniques in natural language processing, text analysis, scraping, network theory and machine learning on graphs.
Applying our knowledge on real-world projects is the ultimate goal of our group.

Theoretical Machine Learning

Welcome to the Theoretical Machine Learning group! We are devoted to the study of Machine Learning from a theoretical point of view.
We aim to investigate accuracy and theoretical limits of ML models, by analytical and computational means alike.

Scientific Machine Learning

Welcome to the Scientific Machine Learning group! The aim of this group is to explore techniques that combines machine learning models with numerical and physics-based simulations to tackle a wide range of problems in scientific disciplines. Some projects include embedding information from PDE systems inside ML models, modelization of dynamical systems, application to control systems, deployment on embedded electronics.