The aim of our association is to promote hands-on knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence across the academic and civic landscape of Turin.

We believe interdisciplinarity and cross-contamination can be the key to new discoveries and fruitful, engaging ideas.

We try to innovate learning and research paradigms with a focus on self-organization and peer-learning / peer-reviewing, ultimately producing industry-grade science.

In order to promote machine learning literacy we jump-started a wide set of projects, on various premises and online:

  • We took over the University of Turin after-hours, delivering free-for-all courses on Python for machine learning
  • We engaged our more experienced members in open and horizontal research projects on natural language processing, theoretical machine learning and medical machine learning
  • We encouraged and financed the participation of our members to hackathons and competitions
  • We published divulgatory articles on machine learning techniques and hot topics